Self Build

Your home is unique, so is our approach. Everything we do is bespoke and tailored to the bespoke market. If you have a self build project starting, or in the pipe line, talk to us and hear about the many benefits of building your home using Charnwood Timber Frame.

Charnwood Timber Frame is an East Midlands based company specialising in timber frame manufacture. Providing the design, manufacture and installation of homes across the UK. Our expertise also extends to oak features and glulam or structural steel elements to achieve your building design. All of our homes are constructed using locally sourced, high performance, thermally efficient materials, offering a choice of insulation to suit specifications down to U-values of 0.11W/m2K without compromising the external finish.

Our main focus is the design, supply and erection of houses and this process is supported by our architectural design and consultancy services.

We can take your idea from initial concept right up to erection of the superstructure, with support at every step. Additional features can include oak features, whether structural or as design feature. Our frames suit a variety of styles, traditional or contemporary. Whatever your dream, we can help you live it.

Timber frame is the method of choice for self builders in the UK with over 75% market share. Benefits of timber frame are speed, ease of construction, thermal performance, cost certainty and air tightness.

Timber frame is the oldest method of construction and is still one of the most popular. We provide precision engineered structures that are constructed using high quality environmentally friendly materials, quick to build and, ultimately, cost effective when compared with other materials.

Our timber engineering expertise also extends to areas such as roof trusses, metal-web floor joists, insulated roof panels, glulam and hot-rolled steel elements, various oak features, whether aesthetic or structural. Contemporary style homes can have large open spaces, vaulted ceilings with the use of glulam, or steel, included with the superstructure to create a wow factor. Well ahead of regulations our effective insulation options also save on the monthly running costs.